Our Partners

Thanks to the dedicated support of scholarship sponsors, students from developing and economically transitioning countries in Africa, Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe have had the golden opportunity to study in one of our international graduate programs. 

Scholarships have been generously donated by:

 Fraser Family (Jonny Fraser Memorial Scholarship) with Amit Kumar Mishra of Nepal 

Dina Gidron with Pears Scholars

Dina Gidron of the Pears Foundation with past Pears Scholars

Full and partial scholarships are granted following a competitive review during the application process. Full scholarships cover tuition, housing, medical insurance, and a monthly living stipend, amounting to approx. 75-90% of the total cost of attending the 12-month MSc program. Candidates are required to provide supplementary funding for expenses not covered by the scholarship.

These expenses include the program application fee, refundable tuition deposit, round-trip airfare, and initial living expenses for food, personal items and transportation, for a period of about 1.5 months. Requests for financial assistance for airfare will be considered in cases of dire financial need.

Personal funding required by the applicant is as follows:

  1. Application fee: $80; late application fee: $100
  2. Tuition deposit: $500 (refunded to the payee or student at the completion of the program)
  3. Airfare: Depending on country of origin
  4. Initial living expenses: $500 (estimated)

How to apply for a scholarship

Complete the scholarship application form and submit it only after you have been found eligible for the MSc program. Email the completed form with the full application package required for Stage 2 of the application process. 

Additional funding sources

Scholarships granted by the International School are limited and highly competitive. Candidates are urged to seek funding from other sources early in the application process: educational bank loan, place of employment, international organizations.

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