Public transportation



The closest bus station is located just outside the Herzl gate. For Tel Aviv you will need to cross the street and for downtown Rehovot just turn right after you exit Herzl gate and you will find the bus station.

The buses to Tel-Aviv run every 10-15 minutes.  Bus No: 201, 301, 274

On Fridays: Service ends at around 16:30

On Saturdays: Service begins shortly after sundown and ends at approximately 23:30.

Payment is made by Rav-Kav card or via a payment app (such as MoovitRav-Pass by HopOn)

Visit the Egged Bus Company website for schedules and fares. 



The train station is a very short walk from the main campus gate.  

Between Rehovot and Tel Aviv: once or twice an hour, Sunday through Friday. More frequent service during rush hours (mornings to Tel Aviv, late afternoons to Rehovot). No trains from Friday afternoon until Saturday evening (after sundown).

For other locations, some trains from Rehovot continue directly and others are timed for connections (change trains in Tel Aviv).

Train tickets are either charged on the Rav-Kav card or can be purchased by credit card or cash at the tickets vending machines in the stations.

Visit the Israel Railways website for schedules and fares.


“Sherut” cab (shared shuttle minibuses):

The "Sherut” cab service (shared yellow minibus for 10 passengers) operates on inter-urban lines collecting and carrying passengers along fixed routes. The payment is in cash and the price is either equal to or only slightly higher than the ordinary bus fare. These "sherut" cabs also run on weekends and nights, when buses and trains are unavailable.  They stop at the bus stops near the main gate of the Faculty and at other points along Herzl Street.



Taxis are available all day and night, but cost more evenings, on Friday nights and Saturdays. Payment is in cash and some taxis take credit cards.

Three large cab companies are:

"Hanassi" taxi station: 195 Herzl St. (closest to campus):  +972.8.9366666

"Gordon" taxi station: 2 Bilu St. (near the mall):  +972.8.9492211

"Hanegev" taxi station: 30 Teller St.: +972.8.9466666 (downtown + at train station)

 “Gett” app:


Driving in Israel

International students can drive with an international drivers license (issued by the transportation authority in the student's home country) for a duration of one year.

If you wish to continue driving in Israel after one year, you will need to get an Israeli drivers license.

Guidelines on the conversion process can be found below.