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About MASHAV - Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs Agency for International Development Cooperation

International development cooperation is a fundamental part of development diplomacy and an inherent part of Israeli foreign policy. MASHAV emphasizes the importance of creating effective partnerships for development implementation of cooperative projects.

MASHAV activities focus on areas in which Israel has a comparative advantage and/or accumulated expertise.

The list of such fields is extensive, including: water resource management and irrigation, desert agriculture and combat of desertification, early childhood education, community development, emergency and disaster medicine, refugee absorption and employment programs, and many, many others. 

Here, at the International School of Agricultural Sciences, we conduct short-term professional training courses in partnership with MASHAV, having a shared commitment of cooperation throughout the implementation. MASHAV extends a hand in partnership wherever Israel’s experience is relevant. 

MASHAV course graduates are invited to become part of the worldwide Shalom Clubs.

Mashav 2022

Past MASHAV courses at the International School:

Nutrition in a Changing Global Environment

Meeting Agricultural Challenges In A Changing World: Biotechnology and Bioinformatics

Ensuring Food Safety in Times of Global Change

Water Management: Decision Making, Environmental Aspects & Risk Assessment 

Crop Production Under Saline Stress: Environmental soil and water qualities due to climatic changes 

Advanced Methods for Increasing Dairy Yield: Small & Large Ruminants 

Adapting to Climate Change: Biotechnology in Agriculture in a World of Global Environmental Changes 

Agri-Green Management: Agri-Environmental Considerations Under Climatic Changes 

Nutrition in a Changing Global Environment 

Models of Sustainable Development: Initiatives for Rural Communities in Desert Areas 

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Ms. Liron Dayan Ben Menachem