Exchange Programs for Incoming Students

The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Israel's standard bearer in agriculture, is ranked among the top 30 agricultural schools worldwide. It is known for its academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate level, for exceptional basic and applied research, and for educating international students through the International School of Agricultural Sciences.

The Faculty is the only institute of higher education in Israel offering university degrees in agriculture. It is also home to the only schools of Nutritional Sciences and of Veterinary Medicine.

exchange students

Conditions for applying to an exchange program:

  • Your home institution must be a HUJI partner through a formal reciprocal exchange agreement.
  • You must be nominated for the program by your home institution's exchange coordinator.
  • You must apply to HUJI and, if selected, you remain enrolled with your home institution and continue to pay your home institution fees. You will be exempt from HUJI tuition fees.
  • The courses you take in HUJI may be credited towards your degree by your home institution, on approval of your home institution. 


Exchange Programs Coordinators:
Erasmus+ / University-Level Exchange Agreements coordinator (HUJI International Office)
Ms. Ayala Feinmesser-Mizrahi:
Exchange program website: HUJI International Office
Phone: +972-2-5880285
Faculty-Level Exchange Programs coordinator
Ms. Noa Schwarzwald:
Exchange program office website: The International School of Agricultural Sciences
Phone: +972-8-9489996