Hebrew University Psychological Service

The Psychological Service department offers help and counseling to students in distress.
The professional staff consists mainly of psychologists, but also social workers and psychiatrists.


Psychological Service – step by step:

1. An applicant seeking consultation needs to fill out an initial application form online. After receiving the request, the applicant will receive an e-mail from the Psychological Service with an introductory questionnaire.

2. The applicant is to complete the introductory questionnaire within 4 days. A complete response to the questionnaire will help the Psychological Service determine what treatment is best for the applicant.

3. After submission of the questionnaire, the Psychological Service will contact the applicant (within a few days) to arrange an introductory meeting.

4. The applicant will meet with the Psychological Service. The purpose of the meeting is to understand the reasons for the request and the urgency of beginning the therapy in order to provide the most appropriate response.
This meeting is free of charge. During this meeting, the applicant may also ask questions and get to know the therapeutic framework the Psychological Service offers.

5. The applicant will then receive an answer regarding the suggested therapy, according to the nature of the referral and to the availability of the service on campus. The cost of an on-campus therapy session is 190 NIS.
In case the Psychological Service is unable to provide the applicant with an appropriate therapy within the campus framework, the applicant will be referred to an off-campus psychological service (for a higher fee).

The treatment process is kept strictly confidential. No information on the applicant will be given to or at the Hebrew University, except on the basis of explicit consent and written permission from the applicant.


For more information on the Psychological Service provided at The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment please contact: Ms. Neta Hornung-Broudo, psyserv@mail.huji.ac.il, Phone: 02-5882685


Psychological Service – Refund:

Refund of psychotherapy expenses for students covered by Harel health insurance policy (handled by "Yedidim")*: Refund of up to 200 NIS per session and up to 12 sessions per year. The number of sessions will be calculated proportionate to the insurance period.  Students covered by Harel health insurance will be entitled during a one-year insurance period to up to 12 sessions of psychotherapy. The number of sessions will be proportionate to the number of months of the insurance period. Coverage will not be given for a number of sessions that exceeds the number of months of the insurance period. For example – in an insurance period of 6 months, the Insured will be entitled to a refund for 6 sessions. The Insurer will make the refund in return for receipts in an amount of up NIS 200 per session.

The policyholder is to submit the receipts of the therapy treatments by fax to Yedidim: 03-6874534


Students who have purchased the insurance policy for the first time after January 2018 are automatically covered by the expanded premium (cost: 9.75 NIS a day) and are entitled to receive the refund.

Students who have purchased their first insurance policy before January 2018 and when renewing the policy remained in the old premium (cost: 7.25 NIS a day) are not eligible to receive the refund.

When renewing your health insurance policy you will have the option to expand your premium (for an additional cost) and receive the additional services provided in the new expanded premium.