The Bonam Sport and Leisure Center


The Bonam Sport and Leisure Center, which includes a gym and swimming pool, is located across the street from the Reisfeld Residence.

In order to use the gym, you must fill in the health statement (see below) and submit a letter confirming that you are a student of the faculty (either from the student affairs office or through the International School, depending on the program you are enrolled in). Please bring both documents to the gym’s office.

A monthly subscription for the gym and the pool costs 330 NIS (as of October 2018).

It is not possible to use the gym facilities on a one-time or weekly basis.

Students who wish to enter the pool (not the gym) on a one-time basis may purchase a one-time entry ticket for 50 NIS on weekdays/55 NIS on Saturdays (as of October 2018).