Exchange Programs for Outgoing HUJI Students



One of the top strategic priorities of the Hebrew University is to increase and expand its portfolio of international study opportunities for its student population, that serve to enrich and expand students' academic horizons.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem offers its students a wide variety of exciting international study opportunities through these three tracks:

University-Level Exchange Programs - Apply through the International Office (הרשות לבינלאומיות) 

Erasmus+ Agreements - Apply through the International Office (הרשות לבינלאומיות) 

Faculty-Level Exchange Programs - Apply through the International School of Agricultural Sciences (ביה"ס הבינ"ל למדעי החקלאות)


Faculty-Level Exchange Agreements:

The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment has student exchange agreements with universities in Europe and China.

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For more information and queries please contact:

Mahyan Gon, Outgoing Exchange Students Coordinator