Arriving at the faculty

The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment is located in the city of Rehovot, approximately 35 Kilometers/22 Miles from Ben Gurion airport.
Upon your arrival we advise you to get shekels (NIS) at the airport, as some taxis won’t take credit cards or Dollars/Euros. There are ATMs and change points at the airport.
The current exchange rate is approx. 3.5 NIS to the Dollar and 4.5 NIS to the Euro, though it fluctuates.
Transportation to Rehovot from Terminal 3 at Ben Gurion airport:
Taxis should cost approx. 150 NIS, depending on the amount of passengers, pieces of
luggage and day/night rates.airport_taxi_station
The dispatcher post is located in Level G, at the exit from Gate 03 (left of the main exit).
The dispatcher will provide with a note with contact details in case of need.
The journey should take about 25-30 minutes, if there is no traffic.
Address in Hebrew for taxi driver: הפקולטה לחקלאות, רחובות
Address: Faculty of Agriculture, Rehovot
Public transportation:
*There is no public transportation (trains/buses) from Friday afternoon until Saturday night.
If you arrive during this time frame your only option is taking a taxi.
*There are no buses from Terminal 3 to Rehovot.
Taking a bus requires taking an airport shuttle bus to a train station located outside the terminal.
There is no direct train between Ben Gurion airport and Rehovot.
Train passengers are required to switch trains in Tel Aviv.  
Visit the Israel Railways website for schedules and fares.
Frequency: During the day the frequency of trains from the airport to Rehovot (via Tel Aviv) is approx. every half hour (Sunday-Thursday).
The ticket price is 15 NIS and is payable by Rav Kav (pre-paid travel card that allows you to use public transportation in Israel) or by credit card/cash the cashier/vending machine in the station.
The journey should take about 45-55 minutes (due to the switch in Tel Aviv).
The train station in Rehovot is located at a short walking distance from the Faculty:
5 minutes from the main Herzl gate, 15 minutes from Reisfeld Residence.
Please make sure to exit the train station from the “Southern Exit”.
Opening hours of the Campus gates:
  • The main gate, Herzl gate, is open 24/7.
  • The Eshkol gate (Hankin Street) is open for pedestrians only 
Telephone number of the security center (24 hours): +972.8.9489290 / +972.8.9489290