Practical information


Reisfeld Residence is located inside the campus, near the Eshkol (Hankin Street) gate.

When entering by foot from Herzl gate, there is a 10 minute walk to Reisfeld residence.


The guest house office hours are Sunday-Thursday 08:30-15:30.


If you arrive at Reisfeld Residence before/after office hours and on Friday or Saturday your keys will be waiting for you in an envelope with your name on it at the security guard’s post at the main campus gate, Herzl gate.

If you need to collect your key from the Herzl gate, please have the taxi driver wait for you there while you pick up the key and then drop you off at Reisfeld Residence.


PAYMENT Upon day of arrival, or the following day, the guest must come to the office during office hours and arrange the payment.

KEYS Check out: During office hours the key must be returned to the office. If you have to check out from your room at a time when the staff is not available, please leave your key in the key box located next to the office.

WI-FI wireless internet connections are available in the entire building.

AIR-CONDITIONING AND HEATING We operate a central heating and cooling system. Each apartment has its own switch which can be turned on and off and is located on the wall near the front door of the apartment.

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM The line voltage is 220 V. When leaving the apartment, nothing shuts off automatically, so please switch off the electricity, including air-conditioning, hot water boiler, lights, etc.

HOT WATER There is a small on/off switch and indicator light located high on the wall near the bathroom door. For hot water in the bathroom, press the small switch, and a small red light will turn on. Water will be hot enough for a shower after approximately 20 minutes. Once the water is hot, please press the switch again and the light will turn off.

HOUSEKEEPING The apartment is cleaned once a week and at this time the bed-linens and towels are changed. Daily cleaning is the responsibility of each resident. There is a garbage container at the end of the parking lot, in the direction of the Sports Center. Please dispose of all garbage daily. Additional garbage bags can be found in the kitchen drawers.

LAUNDRY A laundry room (room no. 8) is situated on the ground floor, between the lobby and the elevator. The machines are operated by tokens, which can be purchased at the guest house office. One token is used for the washing machine and one token for the dryer.

APARTMENT PHONES You may receive incoming phone calls from anywhere. Please note that these phones are open for outgoing phone calls. Tel No: +972-8-9489(_ _ _) and the last 3 digits of your apartment no.

For calls within the campus, dial the last five digits, beginning with 89_ _ _.