Pears Alumni Webinars and Symposiums

The 2nd Pears Alumni Symposium in Plant Sciences: Knowledge Sharing - A Key for Enhancing Agricultural Productivity - September 2015

Sustaining food production for the rapidly increasing world population under diminishing resources is a major challenge facing global agriculture. While certain countries, such as Israel, managed to adopt modern agro-technologies and considerably increase their crop production over the last half a century, other countries are still lagging behind in this respect. Closing this gap by promoting agricultural practices in least-developed countries is among the most promising strategies to enhance crop production and food security where it is most needed.

The 1st Pears Alumni Webinar in Nutritional Sciences - September 2014

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The Pears Foundation Webinar is an annual, two-day interactive presentation of current scientific topics and lectures aimed at students and alumni.

In 2014 the focus was on Nutritional Sciences. Thirteen graduates presented the research exercises they conducted over the year. The keynote speaker was Prof. Elliot M. Berry of the School of Public Health, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The Pears Alumni Guest Lecturer was Mr. Lovemore Nkhata Malunga of Malawi.

View on YouTube (6 videos)

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