Summer 2019 Internship program

Goh Chen Gang, Imperial College London

Dr. Philippos Papathanos's lab, department of Entomology

Chen Gang chen laboratory

Being in HUJI Rehovot campus and other parts of Israel has been an eye-opening experience. Beyond the realistic yet exciting research done here, the sincerity and hospitality of Israeli people has made this 10-week journey a socially enriching one.



Josh Derrick, MIT

Dr. Jonathan Friedman's lab, Plant Pathology and Microbiology department

Josh josh lab


Working in the Friedman Lab in Israel was not so different than working in a science lab in the United States. The graduate students still work crazy hours out of their own volition and there is a lot of geeking out about math and graphs that would make regular people scratch their heads in confusion. That said, unlike past experiences in labs, I felt truly responsible for my own project, which was quite different from my supervisors constantly breathing down my neck in the US.

This was quite liberating, and I hope my experiences in the future are similar.


Ananya Saraph, University of British Columbia

Dr. Yael Heifetz's lab, department of Entomology


My summer internship at the Hebrew University has been an amazing experience.

I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to an entomological research project while immersing myself in the world of scientific research. I’ve also built lasting and meaningful connections with my fellow interns, the researchers I interacted with and the program coordinators at the university.

This has definitely been one of the best summers I’ve had in a while!


Thibault Mercier, Imperial College London

Dr. Idan Efroni's lab, department of Plant Sciences and Genetics in Agriculture


It was an amazing opportunity to work and travel in a youthful and vibrant environment such as Israel.


Interns 2019

Summer 2019 interns, on a fun night out in Rehovot with Meital Salmor from the International School.