Dr. Zippora Gershon lecture - April 22, 2021

14 April, 2021

You are invited to hear the fascinating life story of Dr. Zippora Gershon, a food safety expert and lecturer at the Faculty.

Dr. Zippora survived the holocaust (systematic persecution and murder of 6 million Jews in Europe during World War 2) as a child, and built an academic career and family in Israel.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to personally hear the story of a terrible time in history from a representative of a generation which will soon be gone.


Joint Event 2020

14 January, 2020

The Joint Event is an annual networking and learning event that brings together students from three Hebrew University international master programs: Glocal, Agri and IMPH.

The programs are sponsored by the Pears Foundation and share a common mission of international development and knowledge transfer.

Prof. Isabelle Masneuf-Pomarede intensive wine microbiology course

7 November, 2019

Last week we had the honor of hosting Prof. Isabelle Masneuf-Pomarede from the Bordeaux Sciences Agro, Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin (Institute of Vine & Wine Science) at the International School.

Isabelle taught an intensive 3-day course on her area of expertise, wine microbiology, to our alumni and current students from the second cohort of our prestigious International MSc program in Viticulture and Enology.

Hebrew lessons (Ulpan) at the Rehovot Campus

27 October, 2019

Hebrew lessons (Ulpan) at the Rehovot Campus will begin on November 10th!

Here are the details:

Sundays 14:30-17:00

20 meetings (3 academic hours per meeting)

Price: 450 NIS total

Location: TBD

Registration period: November 3-10, 2019 

Registration and payment is done at the Division of External Studies, through Ms. Sagit Shkolnik



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If you're looking to give true meaning to your studies and play a responsible role in the future of the world's troubled ecosystem, then it's time to get into the major league of AgriTech and join the food production frontiers led by Israel's top scientists.

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