Transfer to the thesis track (2nd year)

Transferring to the MSc Thesis Track

At the end of the one-year MSc non-thesis program, students have the option to transfer to the thesis track.

In this case, students do not close their degree and continue for a research (thesis) degree, which will be closed after the thesis defense. The course credits from the one-year non-thesis program will be transferred to the thesis track.

Note that the thesis MSc may be in a different academic unit than your non-thesis academic unit. 

Once students transfer to the thesis track, academic and administrative matters are transferred to the responsibility of the Faculty’s Student Affairs Office as well as the academic program under which the student will be conducting the thesis.

Academic criteria

The GPA requirements for transferring to the thesis track are:

  • GPA of at least 80 (GPA of at least 85 to be considered for an International School scholarship).
  • Grades of at least 85 on both research methods and oral seminar.


The students’ expenses during this year include tuition, medical insurance, housing, visas and living expenses. The International School grants a limited number of partial scholarships to a selected number of applicants and the thesis advisor should commit to providing a monthly grant. Students are expected to contribute to the costs of the thesis track year, whether or not they are granted a scholarship.

Please note: as the registration to the Hebrew University for the thesis track is done in October, students transferring to the thesis track will not be able to receive their first stipend of the thesis advisor scholarship and/or the International School scholarship before December 1st.  Therfore, students are to prepare financially for the thesis year and save money during the first year.