ELLS summer course: Innovative and Practical Solutions for Combating Dwindling Water Resources


ELLS summer course: Innovative and Practical Solutions for Combating Dwindling Water Resources


February 12-17, 2023

Application deadline: January 2, 2023


Climate change facilitates higher temperatures and extreme weather conditions, which both increase water vulnerability and scarcity. Together with the increase in population and the growing demand for potable water and food, the pressure on freshwater resources is on the rise. By 2050, 40% of the world’s population is projected to live under severe water shortages. To meet the challenge, treated wastewater and desalinated seawater were introduced as part of the modern water cycle. While desalinized seawater is of high quality and is preferably used as potable water, treated wastewater is of lower quality and thus reused primarily for irrigation.

The Course is open to M.Sc. and PhD students from the ELLS universities majoring in relevant area of sciences. The course will be taught in English and the participants will earn 5 ECTS. The Course will allow the participating students to achieve unique insights in the specific problems of water scarcity that affect the Middle East and other arid areas, which may be relevant to Europe and the rest of the world in the near future.

The course teachers belong to several disciplines: policy of water management, planning and economic modelling, water quality, and water use by the agriculture sector. 



Please fill in the application form and send it to Ms. Noa Schwarzwald, at the International School of Agricultural Sciences, Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture Food and Environment, Rehovot, Israel:


Course content

The Course will include the following topics:


Water cycle in the anthroposphere

New Water

Irrigation with treated wastewater

Economics of water

Advanced technologies for water purification

Water management and politics of water

Water recycling in the Ag sector – solution or a problem

Water safety and security

Water – chemical and physical properties


Professional tours

The Israeli Innovation Center at the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation

Netafim- innovative irrigation solutions for agriculture, sports and landscape

Desalinization Plant (Soreq)

Recycled water, the cultivated basin and the riverine system - in the Alexander Strea

E. learning

A website of the course will be created, which will serve as an interactive platform where students and mentors will be able to dialogue and exchange views before course and for the preparation of the final guided project.


Final guided project

Case study presentation + written extended abstract.

Students will choose a topic, in advance, among topics of case studies that will be provided by the teachers of the course. The students will present their fruitful work and will hand out an abstract, during the last day of the summer school.


Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO)

Course Schedule: see course content

Language: English

Course Format: Mix of lectures, technical visits, guided projects and excursions

Credits: 5 ECTS



Housing: € 45 per night

Travel expenses and food are not included.

Partial stipends are available to cover part of the costs


Health insurance

Medical insurance: compulsory



Students, which are nationals of the ELLS participating countries**, do not need a visa to Israel. Otherwise please contact MS. Noa Schwarzwald to see whether you need an entry visa to Israel.

COVID-19 regulations: https://corona.health.gov.il/en/abroad/


Reisfeld residence at the Rehovot campus: http://intschool.agri.huji.ac.il/reisfeld-residence


Contact person for scientific questions

Prof. Benny Chefetz
Department of Soil & Water Sciences
Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture Food and Environment, Rehovot 76100, Israel
Email: benny.chefetz@mail.huji.ac.il
Phone: +972-8-9489384

Contact person for administrative questions

Ms. Noa Schwarzwald
International School of Agricultural Sciences
Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture Food and Environment, Rehovot 76100, Israel
email: noapl@savion.huji.ac.il
Tel: +972-8-9489996