Summer Program in Agricultural Sciences

Next program: July 2023 

Registration will open in the Spring of 2023


  • Effluents – Reclamation, irrigation and environmental implication – 3 credits

Agricultural and environmental aspects of reclaiming waste water, characteristics and use for crop irrigation: waste water sources and treatment; water quality parameters; methods of treatment; health, logistic and regulatory aspects; effect of treated waste water quality on soils and crops; technological aspects of the use of treated waste water; future directions in waste water characteristics and implications of its use and impact on agriculture and the environment.

  • Effects of biotic and abiotic stresses on agricultural crops – 2 credits

Biotic and abiotic (drought, temperature, salinity, radiation) factors that stress plants in general, and vegetable and field crops in particular; approaches for mitigating adverse effects of such stresses; the genetic, physiological and biochemical processes that underlie plant response to stress factors; crop resistance to various stress factors and agronomic approaches for optimal agricultural productivity under stress conditions. Discussion of case studies concerning soil salinity, drought stress, insect damage. 

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Registration fee: $200 (non-refundable)

Brochure and Application Forms (for the 2022 summer program)

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