About the Program

Academic Co-Chairs of the International MSc in Nutritional Sciences 



Dr. Aliza Stark
Senior Faculty



About the Program

Nutritional and Food Sciences are rapidly expanding areas of research that are making major contributions to health promotion. As the relationship between diet and disease is better understood, advancements are being made to improve the nutritional value of foods and to increase the variety of products on the market that have added health and nutritional benefits. 

The international Master of Science in Nutritional Sciences (non-clinical) prepares students to become leading professionals in the field of nutritional sciences and to apply their newly aquired knowledge to nutritional challenges in their home countries. Students learn the fundamentals of nutrition based on the most recent scientific findings. The program also prepare students for research and doctoral level programs.  Please note: this is not a clinical degree; it does not qualify a student to become a licensed dietitian*. 

The one-year program leads to a non-thesis M.Sc. Nutr degree (Master of Science in Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition). After successful completion of the first year, qualified graduates may submit a request to be reviewed for admission to the thesis track for a second year of studies to earn a thesis degree, and continue for a PhD degree either in Israel or elsewhere. Following graduation, the majority of alumni return to their home countries, where they hold key positions in health and nutrition promotion, education, academics, research, NGOs and government organizations. Several of our alumni have chosen to continue their studies towards a PhD degree in programs around the world including leading universities in Canada, Switzerland, Denmark and Japan.  

One of the key factors of the success of the program is the close relationship between the Faculty of Agriculture and clinical and public health nutritionists, along with research and development teams in the food industry and the academic community. On-going collaboration allows for access to state-of-the-art research developments in the field and innovative approaches to address practical needs. At the heart of this academic community is the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The Hebrew University is one of the most prominent and respected institutions in the world. As the leading Israeli institution awarding academic degrees in Nutritional and Food Sciences, the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment has a unique status in the country. Our graduates include executives in the Ministries of Health and Agriculture and leading members of the food industry. Within the Faculty, the Institute of Nutritional and Food Sciences is comprised of the School of Nutritional Sciences and the Department of Food Sciences. Institute staff include many of the principal Israeli researchers in these fields. 

*To become a registered dietitian in Israel (RD), one must earn a bachelor's degree in dietetics, food, nutrition or a related area, complete a 6-12 month internship through the Ministry of Health, and pass a written exam which will lead to a license to practice.