Pears Alumni Network Big Brother Program

The "Big Brother Program" is a mentoring program in which senior alumni voluntarily provide assistance to new alumni after they graduate and return home.

You are welcome to email your questions to any of the alumni below.


  • Name: Tenagne Delessa Challa

Program: Nutritional Sciences
Year: 2007/2008
Occupation:I am a PhD student at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) at the Department of Health Sciences and Technology (D-HEST) and Institute of Food, Nutrition and Health (IFNH), (PhD program Molecular Life Sciences). 
My research project is focus on the identification and investigation of novel adipose tissue secretomes which might regulate adipogenesis. 
Findings from this study would provide us the basis for understanding the molecular mechanisms that underlie adipogenic process and open new road for therapeutic approaches to counteract the epidemic of obesity and type II diabetes.

  • Name: Endale Geta Tafesse

Program: Plant Sciences
Year: 2006/2007

  • Name: Tesfay Araya

Program: Plant Sciences
Year: 2002/2003
Occupation:I currently work at Mekelle University, Ethiopia. 
I completed my PhD study in Applied Biological Science. 
My research interest is on conservation


  • Name: Juliet Serwaa Asamoah

Program: Plant Sciences
Year: 2008/2009


  • Name: Roselyne Makau

Program: Nutritional Sciences
Year: 2007/2008
Occupation:I work at the Kenya Bureau of Standards as a Food Safety Certification Officer, a position I have held for the last seven


  • Name: Victoria Eugenia Ramos

Program: Nutritional Sciences
Year: 2005/2006
Occupation:Chief of the Clinical Nutrition Division, Federal General Hospital Gea, México.
Coordinator of the Obesity and Bariatric Surgery Clinic, Federal General Hospital Gea, México.


  • Name: Peace Nakitto

Program: Nutritional Sciences
Year: 2009/2010
Occupation:I work as a Program Officer-Nutrition with Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF)