Program Structure - Viticulture


The M.Sc. in Viticulture and Enology is a two-year academic program (672 academic hours) leading to a Hebrew University accredited degree. Classes are held on two days per week, over four consecutive semesters. Practical work in vineyards may be carried during school. The program comprises of scientific theory, practice in grape-growing, wine-making and wine-tasting, and an internship in leading wine producers in Israel and overseas.

The Teaching Staff

The academic head of the program is Professor Zohar Kerem, world renowned researcher in food chemistry, wine quality and olive oil. The program's professional coordinator is Mr. Yotam Sharon, a post-graduate with honors in Oenology from the University of Montpellier and an MSc degree holder in biochemistry from the Hebrew University, a leading winemaker at one of Israel's premier wineries. Other distinguished members of the teaching staff are Prof. Ben-Ami Bravdo, Prof. Oded Shoseyov and Dr. Ron Shapira. Esteemed guest lecturers from abroad will be instructing additional topics


  • The Vineyard: Planning & design; grapevine stocks & types; plot preparation; propagation; planting; trellising; pruning; irrigation; fertilization; mechanization; grape pests & diseases.
  • Wine Production: Equipment & winery management; micro-vinification; chemistry & stability; microbiology; distillation technology; fermentation science.
  • Analysis of grape juice and wine: Biosynthesis of taste & odor factors; sensory detection of wine types & defects in wine; sensory evaluation of wines from Israel and the world.
  • Additional Courses: Economics, management & marketing in the wine industry; wine workshop in prime grapevine & wine production region abroad.


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