2020-21 Plant Sciences Curriculum

Semester A

  • Plant Biochemistry

  • Biotechnology for Agricultural Crops

  • Introduction to Molecular Biology 

  • Contemporary Approaches to Plant Physiology

  • Biotechnology for Agricultural Crops

  • Practical Workshop in Crop Management (two semesters)

  • Basic Irrigation Systems

  • Experimental Design and Statistical Analyses + Practice

  • Mineral Nutrition of Higher Plants

  • Integrated Pest Management

  • Scientific Writing and Presentation

  • Research Methods (three semesters)

Semester B

  • Biological Control of Agricultural Pests

  • Weed Management

  • Principles of Plant Breeding

  • Current Greenhouse Crop Production

  • Post-Harvest Biology and Technology

  • Advances in Vegetable Production

  • Environmental Microbiology

  • Seed Production

  • DNA Markers for Genetic Analysis and Breeding

  • Reproductive Biology of Fruit Crops

  • Crop Physiology and Production

Semester C

  • Research Exercise
  • Oral Seminars


The curriculum is subject to change.