MSc in Viticulture and Enology

Years of wine & knowledge

In recent years, Israel has experienced a striking growth in its wine industry and a surging local and international market for its outstanding wines. In response to the rising need for skills and professionalism in the industry, the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment has opened Israel’s first academic degree program in winemaking. This International MSc program in Viticulture and Enology is comparable to other programs in leading wine-producing countries, such as France, the USA and Australia, yet it stresses ancient and modern production techniques under marginal conditions.

Students will gain knowledge and skills at an academic level consistent with leading programs in other wine-producing countries such as France, the United States and Australia, with special emphasis on the Israeli industry. Upon completion, the students will earn a world-recognized MSc degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This is the first MSc level degree in viticuluture and enology to be approved by the National Council for Higher Education (CHE) in Israel.

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The next program begins on March 16, 2023


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Registration for Preparatory Program until December 1, 2022
Preparatory Program on Zoom begins December 22, 2022
Early Bird Registration for the four-semester MSc program until November 1, 2022

The program begins on March 16, 2023

Registration deadline: February 15, 2023
Contact us for more information and registration:
Ms. Helena Dahab
Phone: +972-8-9489063
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Admission Requirements and registration - Viticulture

The next program cohort: March 2023 - July 2024



  • BA / BSc degree from a recognized institution

  • Interview

  • Participation in the Preparatory Program (Nov-Jan) for students lacking academic background in specific subjects (more info below)


  • Registration fee: 1,000 NIS (non-refundable, deducted from the tuition sum)

  • Early Bird* Registration deadline (2,000 NIS discount in the program tuition): November 1, 2022


Registration deadline: February 15, 2023


Preparatory Program (Mechina)

Taught in English on Zoom

Dates:  December 22, 2022 until March 10, 2023

Thursdays (full day) and Fridays (half day)


For each course: 500 NIS per credit

For the entire program (11 credits or more): 5,000 NIS



Cell Biology – 2 credits

Plant Biology – 2.5 credits

General Microbiology – 2 credits

Chemical Principles and Organic Chemistry – 3 credits

Soil & Water – 1.5 credits

Statistical Principles and Experimental Design – 2 credits

Mechina registration deadline: December 1, 2022


Contact us for more information and registration:
Ms. Helena Dahab, Email:, Phone: +972-8-9489509




Program Structure - Viticulture


The M.Sc. in Viticulture and Enology is a two-year academic program (672 academic hours) leading to a Hebrew University accredited degree. Classes are held on two days per week, over four consecutive semesters. Practical work in vineyards may be carried during school. The program comprises of scientific theory, practice in grape-growing, wine-making and wine-tasting, and an internship in leading wine producers in Israel and overseas.

The Teaching Staff

The academic head of the program is Professor Zohar Kerem, world renowned researcher in food chemistry, wine quality and olive oil. The program's professional coordinator is Mr. Yotam Sharon, a post-graduate with honors in Oenology from the University of Montpellier and an MSc degree holder in biochemistry from the Hebrew University, a leading winemaker at one of Israel's premier wineries. Other distinguished members of the teaching staff are Prof. Ben-Ami Bravdo, Prof. Oded Shoseyov and Dr. Ron Shapira. Esteemed guest lecturers from abroad will be instructing additional topics


  • The Vineyard: Planning & design; grapevine stocks & types; plot preparation; propagation; planting; trellising; pruning; irrigation; fertilization; mechanization; grape pests & diseases.
  • Wine Production: Equipment & winery management; micro-vinification; chemistry & stability; microbiology; distillation technology; fermentation science.
  • Analysis of grape juice and wine: Biosynthesis of taste & odor factors; sensory detection of wine types & defects in wine; sensory evaluation of wines from Israel and the world.
  • Additional Courses: Economics, management & marketing in the wine industry; wine workshop in prime grapevine & wine production region abroad.


Contact us for more information and registration:
Ms. Helena Dahab, Email:, Phone: +972-8-9489509







Curriculum - Viticulture

Viticulture & Enology Curriculum

Preparatory program (Mechina)*

*Applicants lacking adequate background in the fields of Life sciences, Agricultural sciences or similar fields are required to complete preparatory studies.

  • Chemical Principles
  • Cell Biology
  • Plant Biology
  • Intro. to economics and marketing
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Soil & water


Semester A

  • Soil, water, meteorology and vine nutrition
  • Morphology and physiology of the grapevine
  • Principles of viticulture (part 1)
  • Practical aspects of grape growing (part 1)
  • Wine production (part 1)
  • Wine chemistry, wine stability and quality management
  • Sensory evaluation of wines (part 1)


Semester B (Summer semester)

  • Principles of viticulture (part 2)
  • Practical aspects of grape growing (part 2)
  • Micro-vinifications (part 1)
  • Wine microbiology
  • Analysis of musts and wines (part 1)
  • Analysis of musts and wines - LAB (part 1)


Semester C

  • Grapevine pests, diseases and disorders
  • Winery technology, systems and packing
  • Environmental aspects of grape growing and winemaking
  • Wine chemistry, wine stability – LAB
  • Micro-vinification (part 2)
  • Wine Production (part 2)
  • Analysis of musts and wines (part 2)
  • Analysis of musts and wines - LAB (part 2)


Semester D

  • Sensory evaluation of wines (part 2)
  • Workshop in management and risk assessment in small and large wineries
  • Workshop in internet entrepreneurship in the wine world
  • Economic aspects of the wine industry
  • Wine workshop abroad

How to Apply - Viticulture


Next program begins on March 16, 2023

Apply by November 1, 2022 to receive the early bird registration discount (a discount of 2,000 NIS will be deducted from the tuition fee).

Registration deadline: February 15, 2023


Preparatory Program on Zoom begins December 22, 2022


Please complete and submit the application form below to:
Ms. Helena Dahab, Email:, Phone: +972-8-9489509

Viticulture and Enology Application Form





Tuition - Viticulture

Program tuition

  • Tuition for the program is 96,000 NIS including a workshop abroad (France)
  • Early registration discount: 2,000 NIS for those registering by November 1, 2022

Preparatory Program (Mechina) 

  • Preparatory Program tuition: 5,000 NIS 
  • Preparatory Program Registration deadline: December 1, 2022


Contact us for more information and registration:
Ms. Helena Dahab, Email:, Phone: +972-8-9489509

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FAQs – Viticulture and Enology

About the Program:

When will the next program begin?

March 16, 2023

When does the Preparatory Program begin?

December 22, 2022 until March 10, 2023

Who is the program for?

The program is intend for wine connoisseurs, newcomers and those already working in the industry; for a new generation of skilled wine professionals who desire to take their place among the world’s experts. Alternatively, simply to anyone who is interested to learn about wine making and grape growing.

Where is the program taught?

Classes are taught at the Rehovot campus of the Hebrew University and the practical learning is conducted at Soreq winery (approx. 30 minutes from campus).

How long is the program?

The program is 18 months long and spans over four consecutive semesters (spring/summer/fall/spring). Classes are taught twice a week on Thursdays and Fridays.

Does the program continue during summertime?

Yes, our second semester is taught in the summer, during grape harvest.

Trips abroad, where to?

The workshop abroad is held in Bordeaux, France.

What is the language of instruction?

The language of instruction is English.

Who teaches the courses?

Our lectures are mainly academicians and experts from the wine industry in Israel and abroad.

Are there exams?

We do have final exams as part of the coursework.

What kind of degree do graduates of the program receive?

You will receive an MSc in Viticulture & Enology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Online classes or frontal learning during COVID-19?

During Covid-19 we were forced to switch to distance learning classes. However, our effort is to conduct the program coursework in the classroom and in the field.

Will I be able to find a job when graduate?

We have had a great success rate from our first cohort, currently 95% of our alumni work in the wine industry.


Graduates may participate in a practical internship in a commercial winery in Israel or abroad for a span of 140 hours, at the end of which they will submit a summary report. The internship grants a specialization diploma in enology.

Academic Requirements:

What are the entry requirements?

Candidates must hold a bachelor/B.Sc. degree from a recognized institution.

A Preparatory Program will be offered to candidates whose background is lacking in specific subjects.

Are there English requirements?

We do not require any English proficiency test but you have to be able to understand the lectures in an intermediate-advanced level.

Who is required to take the Preparatory program?

A Preparatory Program will be offered to candidates whose background is lacking in specific subjects.


What is the cost of the Program?

Tuition for the program is 96,000 NIS including a workshop abroad (France).

Can I get a discount on the tuition?

Early bird registration discount: 2,000 NIS for those registering by November 1, 2022. The discount will be deducted from the last tuition payment.

Is the workshop abroad included in the tuition?

Yes, the workshop abroad is included in the tuition.

Scholarships available? Financial Aid?

At the moment we do not have any scholarships to offer.

What is the tuition for the Preparatory program?

Preparatory Program tuition: 5,000 NIS

Apart from the tuition, what expenses should I anticipate?

Airfare to attend the program in Israel; preparatory program (if required); visa fees; health insurance; housing; living expenses.

If I am an oleh chadash, do I get help from the Israeli government?

As an oleh chadash, you may get financial assistance from the Israeli government. For more information, visit The Ministry of Aliyah and Integration website.

Life in Israel:

As an international student, do I need a visa to study in the program?

Unless you are an oleh hadash or have a status in Israel, you are required to obtain a student visa before entering Israel. After admission to the program, we will provide you with more information on the process of obtaining a student visa.

As an international student, do I need health insurance?

Yes. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem requires all students to be covered by adequate health insurance for the duration of their stay in Israel. Unless you have a status in Israel (such as oleh hadash) you will be required to purchase health insurance through the university.

What is the health insurance price for international students?

As of  April 2021, the premium price is 13.20 NIS (approx. $4USD) per day.

Will I be able to work during studies?

As the program is taught twice a week (Thursday – full day, Friday – half day), you may be able to combine work during the rest of the week.

International students are not permitted to work while on a student visa.

Is there on-campus accommodations? What is the cost?

The faculty offers accommodation in the on campus dormitories in Rehovot. The price varies according to the housing choice and is not included in the program tuition. For more information, please contact