Admission Requirements - MDP


1. Undergraduate degree or equivalent from a recognized university as follows:

Economics degree – direct admission

Accounting or business administration degrees – direct admission if the the candidtae had studied the topics incorporated in the following microeconomic courses:

These courses may be taken during the first year of the MDP studies. These courses are to be taken in addition to the credits required for the MDP degree.

Natural/life sciences, computers, statistics and engineering degrees – admission could be considered upon approval of sufficient academic background in:

In addition, the student will be required to take the following courses during the first year of the MDP studies:

These courses are to be taken in addition to the credits required for the MDP degree.

*Applicants without adequate academic background will need to complete the courses listed above, either in a recognized academic institution or online. These courses need to be approved beforehand by the MDP academic committee. Applicants will need to send us in advance the name of the academic institution where the course is taught, the syllabus and the credit points. Applicants completing these requirements via free online course services will be examined on these topics prior to the beginning of the MDP studies.


2. GPA of 80 or above (B- on the A-to-D letter scale).

3. High level of proficiency in all English skills, documented by one of the following:

  • At least 89 on the TOEFL internet-based test
  • At least 7.0 on the IELTS

Candidates with a score of 80-89 in TOEFL or 6-6.5 in IELTS may be admitted to the program with the condition of reaching the required level of English language proficiency by the end of the first school year in the program.

  • Documentation of previous academic studies conducted in English.
  • Exemption of English learning from an approved Israeli institution of higher education.


4. Online interview.

5. Relevant experience is recommended but not mandatory.


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