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If you are looking for ways to develop the skills and knowledge to tackle global challenges and put your ideas into practice on an interdisciplinary scale, then why not study the sought-after profession of Development Practice and enjoy a life-experience doing so?

Israel's renowned Hebrew University's Master in Development Practice - Sustainable Rural Development (MDP) program invites you on an exciting journey, allowing you to benefit from interdisciplinary studies, hands-on experience and top-notch academia. Here you can meet and collaborate with similar, passionate minds from around the world, acquiring specialty knowledge and building the skills, experience, and networks to make the world a better place. And all this while studying in one of the most diverse countries in the world.

Israel is a microcosm hotbed of local and international challenges: scarcity of arable land, water, energy and natural resources; climate adversity; diverse topography; security issues; and continuous rural and urban development. The population is a mosaic of more than 120 nations of origin, including Palestinian, Druze and Bedouin Arabs and other religious and ethnic minorities whose increasing financial and economic inclusion are critical to accelerate the country’s rate of economic growth.

Innovation has become the basis for Israel’s comparative advantage, which has enabled a transition from an emerging to a developed economy status. By acquiring niche expertise through high-end R&D capabilities, technology innovations in agriculture, water, food, health and energy, and identifying and developing areas of global competitiveness, the country itself is basically proof of how to turn disadvantages into advantages.

The Hebrew University's International School of Agricultural Sciences offers this unique, English-taught MDP program that is accredited by the Global MDP Association, as a joint venture with Jerusalem Institute’s Milken Innovation Center.

The two-year program is comprised of two tracks: Resource and Development Economics and Agro-Environmental Development. Students are given the unique opportunity to benefit from classes taught by leading academics and professionals who will provide them with the tools to explore market-based solutions to agricultural, environmental, economic and business challenges of global, sustainable development. The program is a multilateral scholastic and training hub and combines not only academic learning but also practical internship training with demonstrable project development outcomes.

Students will also enjoy a combination of field work in Israel and their home country and be given access to a vast network of expertise together with the entrepreneurial and financial ecosystem focused on international development. Over the course of the studies, MDP students will also be engaged in an intensive internship with governmental, public and private organizations, businesses, social enterprises, and NGOs working on sustainable development.

Graduates of the MDP program will be able to:  

  • develop programmatic project-driven and market-based strategies
  • employ skills in business
  • demonstrate skills in agro-environmental enterprise
  • develop project plans to bridge technological and economic gaps that limit regional economic growth.

There is a critical need, and significant unmet demand, to rapidly increase professional capacity in developing countries while encouraging a cross-border movement of experts across their professions to analyze, understand, and shape action strategies for a better future.

The Hebrew University's MDP program gives you the practical skills and academic competence you require to start a meaningful, world-embracing career in a fascinating, international setting with like-minded, enthusiastic professionals.

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