Tuition and Expenses

International MSc Programs 2016-17 Tuition and Expenses




Application Fee

Early application fee: $80
Late application fee: $100.

Tuition Advance/Tuition Deposit

Students not receiving a scholarship through the International School of Agricultural Sciences: $1,000 tuition advance, payable upon enrollment. The advance will be deducted from the total tuition.

Students receiving a scholarship through the International School of Agricultural Sciences: $500 deposit, payable upon acceptance of the scholarship offer. The deposit will be returned at the end of the program.

Round-trip Airfare to and from Israel

The student is responsible for funding airfare and/or other transportation to and from Israel.

Initial Expenses

Students receiving a scholarship are required to have funding for their initial out-of-pocket expenses in October and November. The monthly scholarship stipend begins December 1.


There are student dormitories on campus where international students usually reside. The dormitory rent varies according to room type and availability: double room, single room, or single room in a shared apartment. Students granted scholarships through the International School of Agricultural Sciences are placed in double rooms. Off-campus apartments are generally more expensive and may be difficult to find. The International School does not assist with off-campus housing.

Medical Insurance

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem requires all students to be covered by adequate health insurance for the duration of their stay. Scholarship students will be provided with health insurance. Self-funding students are required to purchase comprehensive health insurance either privately or via the International School of Agricultural Sciences.

Living Expenses

Living expenses include food, personal supplies, apparel, transportation, and extra-curricular expenses for one year.

Estimated One-Year Program Costs for Self-Funding Students

Early application fee

US $


M.Sc. program cost

US $


Medical insurance

US $


Student dormitory (shared double room)

US $


Extra-curricular activities

US $


Living and extra-curricular expenses

US $



US $


Updated January 2016.
The Hebrew University reserves the right to adjust costs.
Methods of Payment

Payments are to be made in US dollars ($) using one of the following methods:

  • Bank check to: "The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Faculty of Agriculture)") mailed, with an accompanying letter clearly indicating the date, sum, and purpose of payment (including the applicant‘s name, country, and MSc program name).
  • Credit card: Email a signed letter from the card owner clearly indicating the date, sum, card type and number, date of expiry of the card and purpose of payment (including the applicant‘s name, country, and MSc program name).
  • Bank transfer to:

Bank name: Bank Ha-Poalim
Branch: 436
Address: 1 Hamarpe Street, Jerusalem
Account name: Hebrew University Jerusalem
Account number: 506076
IBAN: IL650124360000000506076
Swift code: POAL IL IT 

On the transfer form, please write: Att.: Faculty of Agriculture, Food & Environment, Division for External Studies, Budget 046-4704

A clear copy of the bank transfer form must be scanned and emailed to the program coordinators: or . The transfer form must clearly indicate the date, sum and purpose of payment including the applicant‘s name, country and MSc program name.

  • A friend, family member or colleague in Israel may pay for you in Israeli currency (NIS) or in USD. They will receive a receipt of payment. At the end of the program, the deposit will be returned to the payee unless he/she gives written permission to return the deposit to the student.