Summer Program in Agricultural Sciences

July 10 - August 09, 2017

70 Academic hours - 5 Credits 

Summer school2

Visiting students are invited to study two advanced agricultural science courses in a special summer program at the Hebrew University’s Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food & Environment, Rehovot campus. The program is taught by Faculty researchers. The teaching method includes classroom instruction, hands-on practice and professional field trips to relevant locations to observe practical applications.

  • Effluents – Reclamation, irrigation and environmental implication
    3 credits

Students will learn about agricultural and environmental aspects of irrigation with treated waste water: waste water sources and treatment; water quality parameters; methods of treatment; health, organizational and regulatory aspects; the effect of treated waste water quality on soils and crops; technological aspects of the use of treated waste water; trends in waste water
characteristics and the implications of its use and impact on agriculture and the environment.

  • Effects of biotic and abiotic stresses on agricultural crops
    2 credits

Students will be exposed to the latest discoveries published in the professional literature. Students will work as a group and discussions will take place as a round table. They will review and evaluate the current journals in the field of plant science and critically analyze papers considered as break-through in a specific area. They will discuss the experiments described, the methods and conclusions.

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