Scholarships to the International MSc Programs

The vision of our scholarship sponsors is that scholarship recipients will use the knowledge gained at the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment to become instruments of positive and just change in their home countries.

Thanks to the generous support and dedication of our scholarship sponsors, the International School of Agricultural Sciences is able to grant a number of full and partial scholarships to selected candidates of the international master programs. The scholarships are intended for students from developing countries and countries in economic transition and are granted following a competitive review during the advanced stage of the application process. Scholarship support is not available for students considered high-income countries.

Types of Scholarships

  • Full scholarships cover tuition, housing in the student dormitories on campus, medical insurance and a monthly living stipend. The scholarship does not cover application fees, round-trip airfare, initial living expenses, and a tuition deposit that will be returned to the payer or student at the end of the program; candidates are required to fund these expenses. We will consider requests for financial assistance in cases of financial need.
  • Partial scholarships subsidize candidates from developing countries having other funding sources.
  • Travel grants are awarded on a case-by-case basis depending on the financial needs of the candidate.

Scholarship offers may be withdrawn and offered to candidates on the waiting list if the candidate does not meet the necessary requirements. 

How to apply for a scholarship

Applications should be submitted to the International School, not to the sponsor. Only applicants who have been notified that they are eligible for the international MSc program and are proceeding to Stage 2 of the application process may send a completed scholarship application form with their full application package. Scholarships are limited and highly competitive; therefore, we strongly urge applicants to seek funding from other sources early in the application process.

Other scholarship sources

Our Partners

Thanks to the dedicated support of scholarship sponsors, students from developing and economically transitioning countries in Africa, Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe have had the golden opportunity to study in one of our international graduate programs. 

Scholarships have been generously donated by:

 Susie Fraser

Susie Fraser (Jonny Fraser Memorial Scholarship) with Roselyne Makau of Kenya 

Dina Gidron with Pears Scholars

Dina Gidron of Pears Foundation with past Pears Scholars

Parasol Foundation Trust with past scholar from India


Scholarship Sources

The International School grants a limited number of scholarships and the selection is extremely competitive. Even if awarded a scholarship, candidates must also have funding for the admission deposit, round-trip airfare and intial living expenses. 

We encourage applicants to seek additional scholarship sources or an educational loan. It is very important to apply for these scholarships early and to allow several months to receive a decision.

In some countries, partial or full study scholarships are awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture or a National Committee for Research and Development. Some NGOs or places of employment also provide financial support for advanced studies. 

There are various international sources to which candidates may apply for full or supplementary funding:

Each fund has strict eligibility criteria regarding the country of origin, work experience, previous studies, age, etc. Individuals must submit scholarship applications directly to these funds according to their deadlines and regulations. Requests are considered alongside others from around the world applying for scholarships in a variety of programs.

The Hebrew University has no role in the decision-making processes of these institutions. We will make every effort to provide official documentation requested by the sponsoring institution by their deadline.